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    OfootBall is managed by : Browser Games MD S.r.l.
    Via Scavino 10 Falciano, San Marino (RSM)
    Econimic Operator Code: COE SM22164

    Property of:
    Danilo Calzetta

    Brief OFootball and tutorial dictionary
    Account: is the game registration and it needs a user name, a password and an e-mail address.
    Login and Logout
    Manager: it’s you, that is the person who manage the team and all the game options.
    Players or Football players: are the members of your team, those who allow you to play and go ahead in OFootball.
    Page: is the web page displayed when you use the game menu on the left of the screen. The tutorial’s pages are indicated in quotes (e.g. “Regulars”).
    Buttons: buttons are underlined words or icons which can be clicked.
    To click: it means push with your finger on the left button of the mouse when the pointer is on…ok I’m joking, I know you perfectly know what to click means ).
    Skills: players have different skills which allow you to evaluate them. The skills equal to everybody are quickness, speed, strength and endurance. Remind that players also have hidden skills like technique, aggressiveness, position on the pitch etc.)
    Training% : means how much a player is trained, the percentage 0 means that a player is not trained at all and when is 100% means that a player is at his maximum training level. Thus Training % shows in percentage how much the basic skills of a player are increased.

    Please note, the sentences written in italics are advices and remarks of the tutorial’s author.

    The upper menu
    The upper menu The upper menu includes different functions. The common pages, also for those who are not already logged in, are the following:
    “Rules”: it shows a brief description of how to start the game.
    “Forum”: it allows you to get into the OFootball’s forum where you can get in touch with the other managers and get information and suggestions from moderators and most experienced user.
    “Commercial”: it allows you to put on your web-sites the OFootball’s advertising, to make the game better known. Pages before the log in :
    “Home”: the web-site home page, where you can see some pics of the game
    “Join now”: allows you to create a new game account. You’ll be asked to digit a user name, a password, a valid e-mail address and, eventually, the name of the friend who spoke you about OFootball. (digit his user name). We remind that is possible to log in from all the above mentioned pages. In the end, in the upper right is displayed the number of the persons actually registered.

    The upper menu pages after the log in:
    “Home”: Your own home page where you can find the following info:
    Team name: The name you chose or your own team;
    Category: it shows in which championship your team actually plays (Beginners, Rookie, Bronze league, Silver league and Gold league)
    Matches won, lost or drawn;
    Bonus points: bonus points are necessary when you want to modify your players’ name. You get bonus points every time that a friend of you writes your user name as his contact person during the registering operation.
    Team colours: it shows the colours you chose for your team when you’ve been registered as user. You can change them from the “Manager data” page.
    Team livery: it shows the livery you chose for your team when you’ve been registered as user. You can change it from the “Manager data” page.
    News from OFootball’s world: it gives you information about OFootball’s world events in general, not only concerning your team.
    “Profootball”: fee-version of the game which makes your team-managing and options of the game easier and simple. In the end, in the upper right is displayed the amount of your money and your rank. The rank position depends on the scores you get playing matches on OFootball. In the upper menu there is the “Rank XX” button which allows you to see the OFootball’s managers list, ordered by rank position, from the higher to the lower (XX is your actual rank position). Please note in the list are displayed the first 2000 managers only.

    Side menu
    The side menu, which is displayed on the left side of every page, allows you to use all the game options.
    Note: here below is a list of the different menus and the most important pages/options of the game.

    Team formation
    Players management
    Staff management
    Training managements
    Your matches
    Championships ( helps you to manage your championship and check the other championships in progress)
    Your championships [championships which you are taking part ]
    Transfer market ( enables you to manage purchases, selling and trading players)
    Buy a player
    Purchase offers
    Market movements
    Read news
    Messages (enables you to read news and send messages to other managers)
    Your Messages
    Friends list
    General options (enables you to modify and manage the general options of the game)
    Manager data
    Change Password