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    OFootball is simple to play. We are sure you already know the rules of football…
    the game can be summarised into the following points:

    Set your details: name, team, shirt colours etc…

    Buy your players from the transfer market and create your team

    Buy the players and choose your regulars

    Better players are more expensive

    Youth players are cheaper but they’ve got greater potential and thanks to training can improve

    You can sell and trade players with the other team managers. If you buy a good youth player and train him well, he will became a champion.

    Add your team to a tournament

    First, you can take part in the beginners’ matches only. Matches between beginners are not really tournaments. The matches are scheduled day by day and played every two days.

    When you achieve a better rank position, you can take part in real tournaments between small groups of teams with a match schedule and a final prize.

    Train your team

    You can coach your players from the training page

    Your players increase one point in the selected skill for every training section

    Remember that each player has his own limits, thus his skills cannot be increased infinitely

    When youths are correctly trained they’ll become good players.

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