Fitness and injuries

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    Why do player features not improve?

    When you train players their features improve (agility, speed, strength and endurance), however each player (just like every other human being) has a physical limit beyond which he can no longer improve.
    In the game, the “training %” indicator displays the player limit and when this reaches 100% your player cannot improve any further.
    Players have a percentage of probability to improve their features, an adult player has a 25% probability of improving his game, while youths, who develop more quickly, have a 35% chance.

    Physical fitness and injuries

    Each ofootball player has a percentage that indicates his current physical condition. When fitness is 100% it means the player is fit. When a player is unfit his match performance is poor.
    A list follows of the cases in which a player’s fitness decreases.
    Training: During training a player can loose up to 3% of fitness.
    Matches: during soccer matches the player can loose fitness points based on actions, knocks and subjected fouls. Even during friendly matches players loose fitness points, but in general less. Sometimes players can loose over 30% (very serious events in game).
    Under 80% fitness the player is considered injured and cannot train, however, if the manager wants the player can take part in the game, with the risk of further damage.

    Every night at midnight the server calculates the percentage of player recovery, which is based on 10%+1. E.g. if a player is 70% fit, he will recover 10% of the 70% =7 + 1 = 8%. The morning after the player will have 78% fitness.
    Note that it is not guaranteed that a player recovers his fitness overnight.

    To increase the probability and speed of recovery you can buy physiotherapists and medical staff..


    Players lose 3% morale each time they don’t play a match. Instead, if they play, they earn 20%.
    A player with spirits under 50% plays a bit worse, a player with spirits under 10% can decide to end his contract and leave your team. Youths are more willing and their spirits never diminishes.