Friendly matches

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    Friendly matches

    Friendly matches are useful in the game.
    First, they are used to challenge friends that play in different championships and also when no championship games are scheduled. Thanks to this the game is more interesting and involving.

    From a managerial point of view they are necessary:

    1. for training: each match played allows the players’ features to improve (unless they have already achieved 100% training).
    2. to test the team: it can be useful to test formations and players.
    3. to play players with low morale: you may have reserves who are much weaker than the regulars and never play. Through a friendly, morale can return to 100%.

    When a manager requests a friendly, it will appear as news that notifies you of the request.

    To see the request go to “My Matches”. Here you will find the matches played and the scheduled matches. If there is a request for a friendly challenge the names of the two teams appears, along with the scheduled date, the indication of the friendly and two items: Accept or reject.

    If you accept the challenge the match will appear among those planned on the “My Matches” page. If you reject. the match will be deleted from the list..

    The championships

    When a manager starts the game he or she has not subscribed to any championships.
    After purchasing players the manager can subscribe to the first pseudo championship available: Matches between amateurs.
    Subscription to the amateurs’ championship is free. Up to 100 teams can subscribe to the amateurs’ championship which is played every two days and against each other in casual matches (therefore, it can happen that the same teams meet many times). There are no scheduled matches, after which a series of matches is calculated for the next division.
    Each win or draw increases the money available for the manager and the rank (the score and general oFootball classification).
    When you have enough money and a sufficient rank (500.000 F€ and rank 8) you can access the first real championship: The beginners’ league.
    The beginners’ leagues start every two days and are each composed of 8 teams.
    The beginners’ league differs from the amateurs’ championship because it develops according to a classic Italian season where each team meets twice, at home and away. Matches are scheduled on a calendar and occur every two days.
    The first, second, third and fourth qualified teams get a championship prize.
    The first two in the championship are promoted to the superior championship, while no relegations are planned, unless someone doesn’t have enough money to pay for the new subscription to the beginners’ league or promotion to the superior league.
    The superior championships are: Bronze, silver and gold leagues which have similar features to the beginners’ league (8 teams and Italian season).
    The super league is the best, i.e. it is like the Italian Serie A and the English Premiership. Sixteen teams take part in the Super League.

    At present there are no plans for an Ofootball Champion’s League or inter league cups.

    Menu Championships – Page “Ongoing championships”
    “Ongoing Championships” page” press to view championships and their details

    This page has 3 buttons:

    Where you are subscribed: Allows you to view the championship which your team is subscribed to. If you click on this button you access a page where you might find the sentence: “No result found” if so, the team is not registered for any championship; or you find a list with just one line such as: the championship you subscribed to, the description, the number of subscribers and the subscription cost (depending on the championship level), the status (described below for the button All championships) and the button Details of championship (for this button content view topic “Championship you are subscribed to”).

    Where to subscribe: This button allows you to view the championships you can subscribe to. If you click on this button and you have already subscribed to a championship, you will see the sentence: “No result found”. If you haven’t subscribed to a championship you will see a list of all the championships you can subscribe to, whose columns are described above (championship, description, subscribers, subscription cost, status, detail button for championship) as well as the button subscribing a team to the championship.
    If you click on this button you go to the next confirmation page in which the following sentence appears: “Are you sure you want to subscribe to < the selected championship>?” and the buttons Ok and delete. If you click on ok you go to the page “What you are subscribed to” in which the line appears with a description of the championship selected. You can delete the subscription to a championship before the official matches are organised by pressing the button abandon championship (a confirmation page appears). If you click on delete, you go back to the page “Where to subscribe” to make a different selection.

    All championships: Press to enter the page with all the ongoing Ofootball championships listed. They are listed according to the columns described above (championship, description, subscribers, subscription cost, status, detail button of championship) as well as the button details, that allows you to see the selected championship card and all the information on it (see the topic “Championship you are subscribed to”) and the status column with a green flag which indicates, that the championship is open for subscription or the blue flag which indicates that subscriptions for the championship have closed and the championship has already started.
    Championships Menu – Page “Championship you are subscribed to”
    Let’s start to talk about this page by highlighting that it is an “active page” which varies based on its context, i.e. it differs, based on, whether if you have subscribed to a championship or not.
    In fact, there is no menu item called “Championship you are subscribed to”, but you have the following two options:
    If you have not subscribed to a championship you will see the menu item Subscribe to a championship. By clicking on this item you access the “Championships you can subscribe to” page (see the “Ongoing championships” for description of that page), where it is possible to subscribe to a championship.
    If you are subscribed to a championship you will see the menu item championship you are subscribed to; (e.g. beginner 43). By clicking on the name of the championship you access the “Championship details” page.

    This page has 4 buttons:

    General card: By clicking on this button you access the championship summary page. There are in following order:
    The description of the ongoing championship;
    The championship level, the promotions and relegations planned;
    Number of teams subscribed, the actual number compared to the total (there are 8 teams per championship );
    The current championship day;
    The date and time of the next match;
    The cost of championship subscription;
    The match prize;
    The prize for winning the championship (matches between amateurs a championship victory are not planned and therefore no championship prize is given, while in the superior championships a prize is awarded for the first and second classified);
    Status of championship subscriptions, i.e., if places are still available to subscribe to the championship the following sentence appears Subscriptions open, otherwise appears Subscriptions closed.

    Match schedule: By clicking on this button you access the page where you can view the championship calendar, for all matches just played and those still to play.
    It is composed of a calendar with days and you can pass from one month to the next using the arrows < and >. Days with a pink background are those with championship matches already scheduled. If you click on those days you will see the list of matches. It is a list with the following columns: Match date and time, Team A (home), Team B (guest), result (if already played) and if the match was played or not. If the match was played already the following button appears match card to display the competition summary (see the topic “My matches”). If the match hasn’t been played already you will see the writing no.
    Teams classification: This allows you to view the championship. It is a list divided into the following columns, championship position and team, name of manager, points won, matches won, drawn and lost in the ongoing championship, goals scored and goals against.

    Soccer player classification: As the page that opens, by clicking on this button, you will see two lists representing the top ten goal scorers and keepers in the tournament. The players appear on two lists, the teams they belong to, respectively the goals scored and the saves made.

    Championships Menu – Page “Other events”
    As mentioned already, the menu of the championships you have subscribed to is active. You can subscribe to a championship and to another sporting event simultaneously.
    If you have already subscribed to a championship and another sporting event starts you can select it according to the method described in the championships Menu section – “Championship you subscribed to”, by selecting Subscribe to a championship.
    Once subscribed, in the side menu you will see 2 buttons to access the descriptions of the championships (see Championships Menu – Page “Championship you subscribed to”).

    The sporting events can be limited to users with specific requirements or with other conditions.

    At present you can subscribe, as well to an official championship, the Ofootball World Cup. This event is periodically repeated and the rules are described before the championship starts.

    Championships Menu – “Trophies” Page
    The “Trophies” page allows you to view the trophies won.

    Any championship in which you get a beneficial result is shown on the Trophies page. This page displays all the cups won, the final classification, the tournament you participated in and the date when it was obtained.