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    Team menu – “Staff management”
    The “Staff management” page displays the current status of your own staff and it allows you to purchase new staff to improve your team management.

    Firstly it’s important your team level. It depends on in which league your team actually is playing or at which league you are able to take part. Levels are 1 for Beginners up to 5 for teams playing Gold league. Thus if your team takes part of the Bronze league, on top of the page will appear “your current team level is: 3”

    MHigher level means that you can buy better staff..

    Below here is a brief description of the available staff:

    Team coaches (team level required)

    Game tactics (team level required)
    Skill in dribbling (game tactics required)
    Skill in one vs one (game tactics required)
    Skill in two vs one (game tactics required)

    Skilled coach (Team coaches required)
    Skill in penalty kick (skilled coach required)
    Skill in pass (skilled coach required)
    Goalkeeper coach (skilled coach required)
    skill in goalkeeper position (goalkeeper coach required)
    skill in goalkeeper diving (skilled coach required)

    Medical staff (team level required)
    Treatment of pain (medical staff required)
    Food science (medical staff required)
    Hydro-saline supplement (food science required)
    balanced diet (food science required)

    Team physiotherapists (team level required)

    Gym technologies (team level required)
    Muscle electro stimulation (Team physiotherapists and Gym technologies required)
    Muscle training technique (Team physiotherapists and Gym technologies required)
    Advanced training technique (Gym technologies and Muscle training technique required)

    In brackets are given the necessary improvements buy the required staff.

    Under of each staff, and the next staff level, the improvement is described which will be given to the team (e.g. “Skill in one vs one” improve the quickness in defence of +1 for each level). Some of them do not give any improvement on itself but are necessary to be able to buy further improvements. After the description the improvement/improvements is/are shown needed prior to get the next level of staff.

    On the right is shown the amount of money you need to get the next staff level.
    To improve the staff level you need to click on the “buy now” button of the improvement chosen.
    When it is not possible to purchase a specific improvement/staff because you have not the necessary requirements (team level or previous staff) the “buy now button” will be shown in grey. If you have not enough money: – INSUFFICIENT FOUNDS TO COMPLETE THE PURCHASE—“ will appear.

    Transfer Market menu – “Buy Players” page”
    1) You must buy a sufficient amount of keepers, defenders, forwards etc. to
    play the next championship matches
    2) Low level teams cannot buy high level players
    3) Each team can have a max 12 youths and 21 adults
    4) Each team can have a max 7 players with the same position and no more than 4 keepers
    5) You can buy players without signing or you can make an offer to other managers to buy a player already signed to another team
    6) You can make a purchase proposal to other managers only when you reach rank 8
    Transfer Market Menu – “Players auction” page

    Transfer Market Menu – “Market Movements” page”
    The Market Movements page is a summary of all the market business conducted on Ofootball. The objective of this page is to allow anyone to check the sales, transfers and auctions as clear as possible.

    This page is nothing more than a list, ordered by date and time, which describes the buyer, the business move made (purchase, transfer, auction), the vendor, the player in question and the amount paid (or if transferred). The buyer, the vendor and the player can be clicked to access the team pages (see “Team details”) and the player statistics (see “Players Management”).

    Using a drop-down menu you can refine your search by team name or player and start the search by clicking on the button Find.

    You can see all the past purchases by clicking on the drop-down menu with reference to the page.

    The Players Auctions page allows you to view the ongoing auctions and perform various market operations.

    The “Players Auctions” page contains 3 buttons, which are described below:

    Ongoing auctions: This page displays the auctions that are ongoing. The list of players up for auction in a table can be ordered by name, surname, position, age, current offer, expiry and features by clicking on the respective buttons.
    On the top there are 2 drop-down menus where you can refine your search based on position and age.
    To the right of the line of each player being auctioned there is a button see auction. By clicking on this button you access the auction page for that player. It contains the
    name of the player being auctioned;
    the best current bid;
    the expiry date of the auction. Note that the time the auction ends is not entered as the auction can end at any time on the day of expiry;
    the section to make bids, which reports the minimum and maximum bid you can make, the box where you can enter the bid to make and the Continue button to make the offer;
    the highest current bidder, reported as the name and surname of the manager and the name of the team;
    the list of bids made since the start of the auction. If a manager makes multiple bids only the highest bid is shown;
    important: < /b > < br > if an offer at the auction is made at the last second, the completion of the auction is postponed by one more minute.
    Another important rule to remember is that the auctioneer will not allow offers for more than double of the maximum price to which a player is valued, in this case it is not possible to raise the bid.

    The full player card, including performances and statistics.
    If one of your players is up for auction he will appear in the “Ongoing Auctions” page, before the View Auctions button to the right of the player line with an orange flag. If you are the best bidder in this auction you will see a green flag.

    My players for sale: By clicking on this button you access the list of your players for sale. The list is identical to the ongoing auctions list, but it only reports the players up for auction belonging to the manager. From this table you can also, by clicking on the button view auctions, view the progression of your player’s auction, without making a bid, obviously.

    My Purchase Offers: By clicking on this button you access a list of players you have made an offer for. The list is identical to the ongoing auctions list, however it only reports the players in which the manager has made an offer. From this table you also can, by clicking on the button view auctions, view the progression of the auction you made an offer for and, if necessary, make another bid if the manager is no longer the highest bidder.
    If you are the highest bidder in the auctions listed you will see a green flag to the right of the player line; if instead a higher bid was made by someone else a red flag appears.

    As soon as the sale ends the player disappears from the list of players up for auction and is entered on the list of players for the manager that won the auction.