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    Why is your team not playing?

    Your team is not playing because you have just subscribed.
    You must wait for the next match to be scheduled in order for your team to be put on the schedule.

    Can my team play if I am not online?

    ofootball matches are automatic,
    i.e. the match is played by the computer and lasts the time of the action and the result calculation and no moves are allowed (at present) by the manager.
    Therefore, you don’t have to be connected at execution of the match.
    We recommend you organise your regular players well (and the advanced match options) before the match, even if this operation could be done when you want between a game and the next.

    Team details page
    From the “Team details” page you can check and interact with other teams.
    This section is not present in any specific menu but can be displayed from different pages. We prefer to describe it separately. Indeed you can see the teams’ details just by clicking on the teams’ name when they are underlined. In this page there are 5 buttons described below:

    Team situation: clicking this button you can open the page where some information about the team can be found such as: team’s name, manager’s name, team’s livery, ranking position, matches won and lost, championship which they are taking part.
    Under this information you find click here to inform whether this team has obscene/offensive contents which allows you to send a notice to inform the game’s administrators about names or pictures unsuitable to the game.
    Below are shown the staff and the technologies of the team and their level.
    In the end you can find the list of the players (number, name and surname, age, prize and characteristics), on the right there is the “player details” button which allows you to see the complete player’s profile.
    There also can be founnd the following buttons:
    Purchase offer for the player: this button appears when a manager puts a player on sale. By clicking on it you will go to the page where it is possible to make an offer to buy the player or trade the player with yours (see the topic “buy players”).
    Check player auction: this button will appear if the manager has auctioned the player. Clicking on it you will go to the page where it is possible take part of the auction to buy the player (see the topic “players auctions”).

    Matches list : from this page you can check the whole list of the matches played by a player with several other information like date and time of the match, championship (or if it was a friendly match), teams which have played, scores and the button linked to the “match details” page (for more information about this page see the topic “My matches”).
    Challenge to a friendly match : by clicking on it you go to a page whit a calendar thanks which you can chose the date of the match. Clicking on a specific date, you automatically ask the other manager to play a match on that day. Now you just have to wait for the other manager’s confirmation. The information concerning the match will appear on the “my matches” page.
    In the calendar you only can select the days highlighted in pink, because at not highlighted day it is possible that your own team or the other manager’s is not available to play due to previous engagements.
    Send a message : thanks to this button it is possible to display the “write a message” page. Through this page you can write a text message and send it to the manager of the team that you are looking at for details. For more information see the topic “My messages”.

    Add a friend : thanks to this button it is possible to add a manager to your friends list (see the topic “friends list”).